Celebrating Independence: July 4th at the Waverly Community House

Summertime is always full of activity at the Waverly Community House; the season is usually filled with: picnics, Comm Camp, tennis tournaments, and much more. This blog post will shed light upon the way that the Comm used to observe Independence Day, which was typically an all-day event celebrating the occasion. Patriotism has always been strong among community members and the Waverly Community House made it part of their mission to ensure that the nationalistic fervor thrived through Comm programs. In the summer of 1923, the Waverly Athletic Association began their sponsorship of the WCH’s annual Fourth of July picnic. The WAA operated out of the Comm and functioned as a social organization for community members; the Independence Day event was simply one of various gatherings promoted by the club throughout the year. Like many others, this occurrence quickly gained popularity among residents of Waverly and the surrounding areas and was highly anticipated every year.

The first Fourth of July celebration began at 9:00 AM on the morning of July 4th, 1923; the 4th Postervery busy day commenced with a tennis tournament which would last until finals that afternoon. At 3:30 PM, community members were welcomed to watch a baseball game in which married men squared off against single men in the fun filled event. After this, dinner was served followed by a dance, a bonfire, and fireworks which lasted well into the evening. This initial event was very popular among all who attended and plans were quickly set in motion for future celebrations. Over the years, the Fourth of July Reception at the Comm evolved to include activities such as: potato sack races, bicycle races, a 50 yard dash, a wheelbarrow race, and many more spirited competitions designed to engage the community. Thus, the Fourth of July became yet another instance in which residents gathered at the Comm to become enriched through recreational programs and events.

Although this particular event no longer takes place at the Comm, the Fourth of July celebration remains a historic demonstration of how dedicated the Flag 1Waverly Community House has been, and continues to be, towards meeting the needs of the community. In this case, residents were able to engage in lighthearted activities among friends while celebrating Independence Day. As always, this July is scheduled to be no different as the Comm prepares for the many activities and functions on our calendar; the first week of Comm Camp is also well underway. Current events to look forward to this summer include: the Comm Square Fair, art classes, tennis clinics, Cocktails for the Courts, and many more.

The Waverly Community House wishes everyone a safe and fun filled Fourth of July!