The Waverly Community House’s Early Years: Postcards from the Past

“Even greater than its material success, is the spirit of helpfulness and good will– which has made Waverly unique in its rich community life.” (Gertrude Coursen,  Waverly Community House Annual Meeting 1924).

In 1921, a series of postcards was created utilizing photographer John Horgan Jr.’s captivating images of the Waverly Community House’s initial years. These photographs, featured below, depict the Comm’s earliest days of existence and adequately reveal the essence of a building that is timeless in both nature and spirit.

Airplane View

Aerial view of the Waverly Community House: As seen in this image, the Comm’s two wings were not yet in existence; also absent is the auditorium expansion which was not added until 1958.


The Waverly Community House: Although many additions and renovations have taken place since 1920, the Comm retains its original mission statement which is to “enhance the lives of individuals and families in the region by fostering educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities.” The Waverly Community House has served the community for nearly one hundred years.


Waverly Community House Lounge: Now known as the Lobby, the Comm’s central area is used primarily for seasonal displays and decor; as the Comm has expanded, meeting space has become readily available in the two wings and other locations within the building. This year, during the Artisans’ Marketplace, visitors can look forward to seeing the Comm’s Hearth Booth in the Lobby.


Waverly Community House Playground: The Comm’s Playground has served to provide recreation to children for almost a century. Although is has gone through extensive changes throughout the years, it is still a crucial element of the building’s landscape and purpose, and has gifted the children of the community with an outdoor space for activities and entertainment.

These postcards depict a building that has gone through many alterations throughout the years; however, as the Waverly Community House approaches its one hundredth birthday, it is evident that it continues to serve the community in a vital way. As for current events and updates, community members can look forward to the 34th Annual Artisans’ Marketplace which will be taking place next weekend, November 18th-19th. This year the Comm has over 35 juried artisans and a luncheon provided by Constantino’s Catering. There will also be a special exhibit titled “Winter” featured in one of the Comm’s newest spaces, the Small Works Gallery which is set up in the North Wing of the building. For more information on this event, please visit the Comm’s website!