This blog contains the Archives & Special Collections of the Waverly Community House, located in Waverly Township, Pennsylvania.

About the WCH: The Waverly Community House was established in 1920, in memory of prominent local resident & philanthropist Henry Belin Jr. The WCH is a not-for-profit organization that serves as a recreational facility, created to promote community interaction & civic engagement. Various events and programs synonymous with the Waverly Community House include: the Waverly Waddle 5k Race, Artisan’s Marketplace, Comm Camp, children’s parties, summer music concerts, an After School Program, and many other activities.

About the WCH Archives: The Waverly Community House Archive Collection was assembled as a component of the Comm Classroom learning initiative in 2012. This program was designated in order to educate community members on the history of the WCH, and the Waverly area. In the Waverly Community House Archive, visitors can view letters, photographs, newspapers, artifacts, and documents pertaining to the aforementioned subject matter. They can also view an educational film which presents an overview of the history surrounding the building.

The Archive is open to visitors through appointment.

The WCH Archive also partners with the Lackawanna Historical Society in the housing of Scranton Lace Company materials. Please contact us for more information regarding the collection.

Unless specified, all images on this blog are property of the Waverly Community House and must be used with permission.

Contact Information:

Gia L. Reviello

WCH Comm Classroom & Archive Director

(570) 586-8191 ext. 7


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