Tennis Court Transformation: Ice Skating at the Community House

Over the years, the Waverly Community House has always managed to provide
its visitors with innovative ways to enjoy themselves in their free time; this was especiallycapture2 evident in January of 1967 when the Comm became one of the first facilities in the region to provide residents with the opportunity to partake in ice skating with their friends and family members. In the winter of that year, Waverly Community House Executive Director Edgar Jones came up with the idea to transform the courts while speaking with many community members who mentioned that there were little to no venues featuring an active ice rink; after much thought, Jones who had served as Scranton’s former Superintendent of Recreation, inventively suggested implementing such a facility at the Waverly Community House. Upon approval from Comm staff and Board of Trustee members, Mr.Jones consulted with the Weather Bureau and local cemetery custodians in order to ensure that the ground was of the desired temperature and condition for feasible use. A prefabricated plastic liner, cut into strips was then submerged into water and placed into a freezer for a week to ensure that it would be adequately frozen. The strips were then used to cover the then 126 by 66 foot tennis court. This converted tennis court was a huge development at the Comm and enabled residents to enjoy the rest of their winter in a new, fun filled way. “This is just too good to believe,” Jones stated as he discussed the successful venture.

Winter ice skating hours at the Waverly Community House took place daily from 1pm- 10pm and were yet another way that the Comm has continued to captivate and engage its visitors.

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