Community Member Feature: Ferdinand Lammot Belin

“Wherever F. Lammot Belin lived, he created beauty. How fortunate we are that the hand, mind, and heart of Lammot touched our community. Patron of arts and artists, collector and creator, his love of beauty will be a benefit and inspiration to all now, and in the years to come.” (Board of Trustees, 1961)

Today’s Community Member Feature will highlight Henry Jr. and Margaretta Belin’s seventh born child, Ferdinand Lammot Belin. F. Lammot, as he is so often referred to, has left behind a legacy which reflects upon his love of art, beauty, and community engagement. His memory and spirit lives on at the Waverly Community House in the form of many art programs and activities, and of course through the beloved Belin Arts Scholarship, which was created by his son Peter in order to memorialize his father’s everlasting dedication to both the fine arts, and the community he loved. The F. Lammot Belin Arts Scholarship has continued to benefit greatly talented individuals for over five decades and has become one of the most treasured endowments administered by the Waverly Community House.

Born in Scranton on March 15th, 1881, F. Lammot followed in the footsteps of his older FLB 1brother Paul by attending Yale University as a young adult; he graduated in 1901 with a P.H.D and returned home to Northeastern Pennsylvania to join his family in the pursuit of many business and philanthropic related endeavors. Businesses and organizations F. Lammot Belin became involved with included: the Scranton Lace Company, the E. I. DuPont de Nemours Company, Traders National Bank, and Wyoming Shovel Works, to name a few; he was also a member of Scranton’s City Council. In 1912, Lammot married Frances Jermyn Belin, who later went on to fund the salary of the Waverly Community House nurse during the organization’s early years. The couple also became involved with the development of the first Abington Heights High School, which began undergoing construction in 1926. The five-acre plot on Glenburn Road was donated by Mr. and Mrs. F. Lammot Belin and construction began that summer with architect George M. D. Lewis overseeing the development. The new building was tremendously advanced for the time period– a fire proof, brick structure, with well-lit, heated classrooms for the students to enjoy. This school lasted until the mid-twentieth century and was a significant undertaking, as well as a greatly appreciated asset to the students in attendance. A lifelong lover of art, F. Lammot Belin was also a founding Trustee and Vice President of the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.

In addition to the aforementioned ventures of Mr. F. Lammot Belin, he also made a career for himself as a Foreign Service Officer; as an international diplomat, F. Lammot’s work often took him abroad where he held diplomatic posts. Places such as Istanbul and Peking were temporarily considered home for him and his family as he continued on this professional path. Of his travels, F. Lammot still maintained that, “Waverly was the loveliest place on earth,” and that, “it would always be considered home.” His love for his beloved community was reflected in various ways, and still continues to touch the lives of those who enjoy the Waverly Community House and all its offerings today.

The F. Lammot Belin Arts Scholarship will be featured in detail in another upcoming blog post, but for now you can read all about it by visiting the following websites below: – For information related to the scholarship. – For information regarding the upcoming Belin Film Festival.

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