Nightlife in the Country: the Scrantonian Features the Waverly Community House

In the Spring of 1953, the Scrantonian ran an article in their pictorial section titled: Nightlife in the Country. This piece, dedicated to the Waverly Community House, served to highlight and focus on the various recreational offerings taking place at the Comm on quiet evenings in the Abingtons. The cover features a picturesque photograph of theScrantionian Cover building illuminated by interior lights against a nighttime sky. The opening excerpt reads: “The Waverly Community House is the center of nightlife activities in the Abingtons. After a busy day in the hustle and bustle of the city, residents of the suburban area find a wealth of relaxation in the varied recreational programs offered at the center. When shadows fall and the lights go on in the impressive cupola-topped structure, the Community House becomes a beehive of activity, as photos on the following page will show.”

The aforementioned photograph compilation goes on to show numerous activities taking place during the evening hours at the Comm such as: bowling tournaments, roller skating, Scout activities, and Abington Players productions.

The closing line of the article reads: ” A community project of which the Abingtons can be proud, the center represents what can be done in the way of offering city opportunities to those who live in the country.”

Abington Players

It seems that even six decades after the Scrantonian’s pictorial feature, the Comm remains Comm @ Nightthe center of community life in the Abingtons. Community members may now see the Waverly Community House illuminated once again for its latest event– the Greenhouse & Kitchen Show Launch Party taking place this Friday, April 29th @ 5:30pm. The show
then kicks off Saturday morning at 10; all proceeds benefit the CommKids Interactive Learning Center which will make its debut in the near future!





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