WVIA Our Town: the Abingtons

Last night WVIA aired its first showing of “Our Town: the Abingtons,” a series designed to highlight specific communities, businesses, people & benchmarks in our local region. In the piece on the Abingtons, the Waverly Community House is prominently featured; in the segment on the Comm, the building’s history, staff, current programs, and mission statement are discussed. Other local landmarks & Our Town Graphicorganizations are accentuated as well such as: the Abington Community Library, Manning’s Dairy Farm, & Griffin Pond Animal Shelter. The Comm is honored & graced to be featured in this program; we are deeply thankful for the opportunity brought upon by our local media.

You can find more information, and obtain a copy of the program at: www.wvia.org/television/documentaries/our-town-series/our-town-the-abingtons/



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