Springtime in the Abingtons: The Annual House & Garden Show

Every year, residents of the Abingtons prepare for the momentary signs of spring: the sun shining, flowers blooming, birds chirping, and one very anticipated event– the Annual House & Garden Show at the Waverly Community House. This festive event began as a two day exhibition, usually held in March or April, that featured displays designed to focus on outdoor living such as: flower arrangements, yard & garden tool booths, gift tables, and various other decorative presentations. Additionally, government organizations such as the Pennsylvania Game Commission & the Pennsylvania Department of Forestry participated in the show and provided guests with educational information on their respective institutions.

G Show AD 1958

Like virtually all Community House events, the House & Garden Show soon became an annual component of community life; each year, the show attracted more vendors and visitors eager to partake in the springtime festivities.

Over the years, the House & Garden Show featured vendors & participants such as: Scranton Dry Goods, Abington Toy & Hobby Center, Ros-Al Floral Studio, Cabinetry by Gleason, Fusion in Design, Overlook Farms, and many more.

This year, the Waverly Community House will offer a new spin on the event with the Greenhouse & Kitchen Show. The G & K Show will feature components of its predecessor, as well as some new elements for guests to enjoy. Vendors at this show will include: Fire Features by Elena Colombo, Arendt’s Outdoor Landscaping, LaCigale, Mount Pleasant Herbary, and many more. There will also be light refreshments served in the Comm’s Canteen.

All proceeds from this show will benefit the CommKids Interactive Learning Center, which will debut in the near future. The Greenhouse & Kitchen Show will take place April 30th, from 10-5 at the Waverly Community House.


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